Genshin Impact – Sangonomiya Kokomi Skills, Materials, and more

Read along for Sangonomiya Kokomi, Genshin Impact‘s best healer!

Sangonomiya Kokomi Details

“Her Excellency, Sangonomiya, is an astute strategist. She can accurately predict enemy movements from thousands of miles of way. When we fought against the Shogun’s army, what we lacked in manpower and weaponry, we more than made up for with Her Excellency’s tactical prowess. Were it not for Her Excellency, not a single one of Watatsumi Island’s victories would have been possible.” — Gorou

“Pearl of Wisdom” Sangonomiya Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst character. Her Ascension Stat is Bonus Hydro DMG%, reaching up to 28.8% on max ascension. Kokomi’s birthday is on February 22.

Her Astrolabe Name is Dracaena Somnolenta, which directly translates to “Sleeping Dragoness.”

Who Voices Sangonomiya Kokomi?

In the English voiceover, Kokomi’s voice is done by Risa Mei. Her notable roles include Syuen from Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, May Chang from the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, and Charlotte and Momiji from the Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall series.

For the Japanese voiceover, Suzuko Mimori took on the role of Sangonomiya Kokomi. She played Umi Sonoda from the Love Live! franchise, Sheryl Shellingford from the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series, and Hiyoko Saionji from Super Danganronpa 2.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Ascension Materials

To fully level up Sangonomiya Kokomi from level 1 to 90, here are all of the materials she needs.

  • 168 Sango Pearl
  • Primary Ascension Materials (drops from Anemo Hypostasis):
    • 1 Varunada Lazurite Sliver
    • 9 Varunada Lazurite Fragment
    • 9 Varunada Lazurite Chunk
    • 6 Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
  • Specter drops:
    • 18 Spectral Husk
    • 30 Spectral Heart
    • 36 Spectral Nucleus
  • Hydro Hypostasis drops:
  • 420,000 Mora
  • 412 Hero’s Wit + 2 Wanderer’s Advice (or equivalent EXP)

Sangonomiya Kokomi Talent Materials

Each of Sangonomiya Kokomi’s three battle talents requires the following materials to be upgraded to level 10.

  • Specter drops:
    • 6 Spectral Husk
    • 22 Spectral Heart
    • 31 Spectral Nucleus
  • Talent Level-Up Materials:
    • 3 Teachings of Transcience
    • 21 Guide to Transcience
    • 38 Philosophies of Transcience
  • Signora Weekly Boss Drops:
  • 1 Crown of Insight
  • 1.6525 million Mora

Sangonomiya Kokomi Skills

Normal Attack: The Shape of Water

Normal Attack

  • Performs up to 3 consecutive attacks that take the form of swimming fish, dealing Hydro DMG.

Charged Attack

  • Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Hydro DMG after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack

  • Gathering the might of Hydro, Kokomi plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Hydro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Elemental Skill: Kurage’s Oath

Summons a “Bake-Kurage” created from water that can heal her allies.
Using this skill will apply the Wet status to Sangonomiya Kokomi.


  • Deals Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and heals nearby active characters at fixed intervals. This healing is based on Kokomi’s Max HP.

Kokomi needs timely “refreshment” in order to maintain optimal work efficiency.

Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7 Lv8 Lv9 Lv10 Lv11 Lv12 Lv13 Lv14 Lv15
Regeneration 4.4% Max HP + 423.71 4.73% Max HP + 466.08 5.06% Max HP + 511.99 5.5% Max HP + 561.43 5.83% Max HP + 614.4 6.16% Max HP + 670.9 6.6% Max HP + 730.94 7.04% Max HP + 794.5 7.48% Max HP + 861.6 7.92% Max HP + 932.22 8.36% Max HP + 1006.38 8.8% Max HP + 1084.07 9.35% Max HP + 1165.3 9.9% Max HP + 1250.05 10.45% Max HP + 1338.33
Ripple DMG 109.19% 117.38% 125.57% 136.49% 144.68% 152.87% 163.79% 174.7% 185.62% 196.54% 207.46% 218.38% 232.03% 245.68% 259.33%
Duration 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s 12s
CD 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s 20s

Elemental Burst: Nereid’s Ascension

Summons the might of Watatsumi, dealing Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents, before robing Kokomi in a Ceremonial Garment made from the flowing waters of Sangonomiya.

Ceremonial Garment

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Normal Attack, Charged Attack and Bake-Kurage DMG are increased based on her Max HP.
  • When her Normal and Charged Attacks hit opponents, Kokomi will restore HP for all nearby party members, and the amount restored is based on her Max HP.
  • Increases Sangonomiya Kokomi’s resistance to interruption and allows her to walk on the water’s surface.

These effects will be cleared once Sangonomiya Kokomi leaves the field.

Clear light coalesces into robes around Her Excellency, Sangonomiya Kokomi, reflecting her magnificent form.

Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7 Lv8 Lv9 Lv10 Lv11 Lv12 Lv13 Lv14 Lv15
Skill DMG 10.42% Max HP 11.2% Max HP 11.98% Max HP 13.02% Max HP 13.8% Max HP 14.58% Max HP 15.62% Max HP 16.67% Max HP 17.71% Max HP 18.75% Max HP 19.79% Max HP 20.83% Max HP 22.13% Max HP 23.44% Max HP 24.74% Max HP
Normal Attack DMG Bonus 4.84% Max HP 5.2% Max HP 5.57% Max HP 6.05% Max HP 6.41% Max HP 6.78% Max HP 7.26% Max HP 7.74% Max HP 8.23% Max HP 8.71% Max HP 9.2% Max HP 9.68% Max HP 10.28% Max HP 10.89% Max HP 11.5% Max HP
Charged Attack DMG Bonus 6.78% Max HP 7.28% Max HP 7.79% Max HP 8.47% Max HP 8.98% Max HP 9.49% Max HP 10.16% Max HP 10.84% Max HP 11.52% Max HP 12.2% Max HP 12.87% Max HP 13.55% Max HP 14.4% Max HP 15.25% Max HP 16.09% Max HP
Bake-Kurage DMG Bonus 7.1% Max HP 7.63% Max HP 8.16% Max HP 8.87% Max HP 9.4% Max HP 9.93% Max HP 10.64% Max HP 11.35% Max HP 12.06% Max HP 12.77% Max HP 13.48% Max HP 14.19% Max HP 15.08% Max HP 15.97% Max HP 16.85% Max HP
HP Regeneration Per Hit 0.81% Max HP + 77.04 0.87% Max HP + 84.74 0.93% Max HP + 93.09 1.01% Max HP + 102.08 1.07% Max HP + 111.71 1.13% Max HP + 121.98 1.21% Max HP + 132.9 1.29% Max HP + 144.45 1.37% Max HP + 156.65 1.45% Max HP + 169.5 1.54% Max HP + 182.98 1.62% Max HP + 197.1 1.72% Max HP + 211.87 1.82% Max HP + 227.28 1.92% Max HP + 243.33
Duration 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s
CD 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s 18s
Energy Cost 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70

Passive Skills

Flawless Strategy

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi has a 25% Healing Bonus, but a 100% decrease in CRIT Rate.

Princess of Watatsumi

  • Decreases swimming Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%.
  • Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

Tamakushi Casket

  • If Sangonomiya Kokomi’s own Bake-Kurage is on the field when she uses Nereid’s Ascension, the Bake-Kurage’s duration will be refreshed.

Song of Pearls

  • While donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, the Normal and Charged Attack DMG Bonus Sangonomiya Kokomi gains based on her Max HP will receive a further increase based on 15% of her Healing Bonus.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Constellations

At Water’s Edge

  • While donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, the final Normal Attack in Sangonomiya Kokomi’s combo will unleash a swimming fish to deal 30% of her Max HP as Hydro DMG.
  • This DMG is not considered Normal Attack DMG.

The Clouds Like Waves Rippling

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi gains the following Healing Bonuses with regard to characters with 50% or less HP via the following methods:
    • Kurage’s Oath Bake-Kurage: 4.5% of Kokomi’s Max HP.
    • Nereid’s Ascension Normal and Charged Attacks: 0.6% of Kokomi’s Max HP.

The Moon, A Ship O’er the Seas

  • Increases the Level of Nereid’s Ascension by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

The Moon Overlooks the Waters

  • While donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Normal Attack SPD is increased by 10%, and Normal Attacks that hit opponents will restore 0.8 Energy for her.
  • This effect can occur once every 0.2s.

All Streams Flow to the Sea

  • Increases the Level of Kurage’s Oath by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Sango Isshin

  • While donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, Sangonomiya Kokomi gains a 40% Hydro DMG Bonus for 4s when her Normal and Charged Attacks heal, or would heal, any party member with 80% or more HP.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Official Introduction: Victory Through Wisdom

Many believe Sangonomiya Kokomi to be an enigmatic, shrewd leader. However, she always has a quiet smile on her face, and while she gets things done in an orderly fashion, she will sometimes do so over laughter and light conversation.

Having read many military treatises from all over Teyvat since she was a child, Kokomi has a talent for strategy and is capable of outwitting opponents through clever stratagems. Although Watatsumi Island lacks manpower and materiel, its people have managed to turn the tide of battle many times thanks to Kokomi’s tactical prowess. Whether in battle, trade, diplomacy, or internal affairs, Kokomi will do her best. Her achievements have won her the respect of Watatsumi Island’s various factions.

“Never fear, Her Excellency Sangonomiya is here,” has become a common popular saying amongst the people of Watatsumi Island.

However, few people know that Kokomi’s biggest aspiration has always been to merely be an adviser behind the scenes. Socializing with others is in fact a most tiring task for her. Her hands shake every time she gives a speech, and she entertains thoughts of retreating into herself every time work starts piling up. She enjoys herself most while holed up at home after finishing her work, face buried in her military strategy books.

To reach a lofty post at such a young age is considered a great achievement, but for Kokomi, the higher up one is on the mountain, the more treacherous the path.

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