Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Forbidden and Limited List January Update

Today, Konami has announced that they are updating the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Forbidden and Limited List with brand new hits to the top decks to make sure that they don’t go out of control. Aside from this, they have also released some old cards from the forbidden and limited list having proven that their decks are no longer a threat and will not disrupt the game’s balance. Furthermore, they have also stated that this brand Forbidden and Limited list will start being used on January 10 2023. This is to give time for players to adjust their deck to the list should it be affected. With that being said, let’s get into the updates on the Forbidden and Limited list.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Forbidden and Limited List: Effective January 10, 2023

Unlimited (3 Copies)

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

ABC – Dragon Buster

Semi-Limited (2 Copies)

Card of Demise

Aluber the Jester of Despia

Pot of Duality

Sky Striker Ace – Kagari

Divine Wind of Mist Valley

Spellbook of Judgement

Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio

Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

Limited (1 Copy)

Block Dragon

Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom

From the looks of this updated Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Forbidden and Limited list, it seems to be that Konami wanted to get rid or limit the versatility of the decks that have a solitaire playstyle. This can be seen in their limit of both Block Dragon and Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom. Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom is used by players for their FTK Pendulum decks. Generally, Konami has had a huge dislike of decks that defeat opponents on the first turn of the game. This is because this type of deck prevents a lot of interaction between players that they would want to see. Limiting Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom hits these FTK decks a lot while still making sure that the fair decks that use this card such as Pendulum decks still get to use it. Block Dragon on the other hand is a combo piece for the Adamancipator deck that lets them search a lot of their cards on the first turn. Adamancipator has had such a powerful presence in the meta game since the game came out. Despite several previous hits, the deck continued to terrorize the game with its long and winding combos. Konami hopes to limit what the deck can do now with this hit on Block Dragon.

The Semi-Limits are a combination of cards that were previously Unlimited and Limited. The previously Unlimited cards that are now Semi-Limited are the cards that are currently being used in the top meta decks. Card of Demise and Pot of Duality are cards that are used by Runick to support their decks and give them a lot of card advantage. With this hit, they are hoping to tone down the amount of card advantage this control deck generates as it already has a lot of card advantage on its own. Aluber the Jester of Despia is a direct slap on the wrist of the Branded Despia decks that have become increasingly rampant lately. Because of this hit, their versatility and consistency has also taken a hit. Despite this, the deck still has ways to create endboards with a lot of quick effect destruction. All in all, these are merely just slaps on the wrist to make sure that they don’t end up running over the other decks too hard.

The other new semi-limits and unlimited cards on the list are cards that were previously limited to control the power of their decks. With the meta having moved past these decks, Konami has deemed it safe to let players add more copies of these cards to their decks. With this update to the Forbidden and Limited list, Konami hopes that the diverse meta continues to thrive.

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